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Telling a good story is about more than just

the facts, and we’ve known this ever since we

pioneered the business of chartering yachts.

Telling that story is the only way to make a

yacht stand out from the crowd and our Charter

Marketing division has the knowledge, expertise

and resources to weave that story compellingly

and tell it widely.

Success in chartering also comes from expert

management. Our Charter Marketing team forms

that vital link between charter broker, yacht owner

and captain, navigating the complexities involved

in yacht ownership, and giving you peace of mind.

Charter marketing –

Yachts are

stories waiting to be told

and we tell them compellingly




With over 60 yachts and more than 2,850

metres under charter management, Camper

& Nicholsons represents the most prestigious

fleet of luxury charter yachts available

Our services include:

Marketing to charter brokers worldwide

and their clients

Detailed screening of all enquiries, dates, ports,

feasibility, clients and their charter history

Issuing charter contracts on approved terms

Receiving and remitting charter funds and APA

Supporting the owner, captain and charter

broker on every charter

Bespoke marketing strategy for every yacht

Press and media relations

Production of yacht related marketing materials

Promotion in Camper & Nicholsons related media

Attendance at marketing events

Regular charter reports on enquiries

and marketing activity

Access to in-house legal, financial

and technical experts