Antarctica, Patagonia & Chile

Patagonia might not spring to mind as a cruising destination but its scenic coastline promises a rare sense of freedom. For those seeking a combination of adventure and luxury, with elusive and magical landscapes, this once in a lifetime destination offers everything you could wish for. Sample a variety of activities off the beaten track, from kayaking in bays and inlets teeming with penguins and the rare Patagonia dolphin to whale-watching in the wide open waters, visiting tiny fishing villages and thawing out in hot springs along the way.

Waking up and opening the blinds to the dramatic scenery of Antarctica is an unbeatable way to start the day aboard your superyacht. Strangely shaped glaciers sparkle like diamonds in the awe-inspiring frozen desert, magnificent creatures drift in the watery depths and icy cliffs stand majestically beside the shores. The enormity of this vast wilderness is best experienced by yacht along the breathtaking cruising grounds, from the spectacular scenery of the aptly names Paradise Island to the narrow waterways between the cliffs and Booth Island beneath skies lit up by the Southern Lights, every sight will waken the senses.

Chile’s snaking coastline stretches for 4300km, squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific, encompassing barren desert, sprawling glaciers, smouldering volcanoes and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The spectacular landscapes filled with lush forests and interweaving lakes, stunning vineyards and vibrant pace of life fire up the imagination for an enthralling itinerary. Spanish monuments and colonial churches and chapels form fascinating towns smattered amongst the protected lands, with the lively port city of Valparaiso boasting a California-like coastline brimming with historic treasures.

  • Slow-raft on glacial rivers in Antarctica.
  • Experience the world-renowned surfing conditions and beautiful sandy beach of Playa Terrazas, Chile.
  • Include the stunning Falkland Islands on an Antarctic itinerary.
  • Explore the empty beaches of Patagonia’s sleepiest coastal village, Camarones.
  • Discover the magnificent 37 mile long glacier, Upsala Glacier, Argentina.
  • Stroll along the deserted beaches that line the picturesque Lago Alumine, Argentina.

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Whale-watching between June and mid-December in Patagonia’s warm, enclosed waters of Puerto Madryn, a prime breeding zone for southern right whales.