Cayman Islands

Situated in the deepest part of the magnificent Caribbean Sea, the three tiny Cayman Islands are swathed in mystery and breathtaking beauty. Composed of enigmatic limestone outcroppings of the mountain range known as the Cayman Ridge, they boast thriving coral reefs topping dramatic walls, superb beaches lapped by crystalline waters and a fantastic choice of restaurants.

Grand Cayman is the largest and the hub of the three islands, offering an outstanding collection of designer boutiques and art galleries and the sprawling Grand Harbour Centre amongst a buzz of energy and glitzy surroundings. Enjoy sipping cocktails on the fabulous Seven Mile Beach and strolling along the winding streets lined with museums and cafés in George Town and succumb to the extravagance of this glittering island.

The second largest island, Cayman Brac offers one of the most unique landscapes in the Caribbean with its magnificent promontory that runs from east to west along its length. The caves carved into it are perfect for an afternoons exploring whilst the island as a whole is a haven for avoiding the crowds and engaging with nature. Despite its size the smallest island, Little Cayman is world-renowned for its spectacular dive sites and is home to the extraordinary Bloody Bay Marine Park. Its dazzling natural beauty and abundant wildlife are the perfect setting for tranquil vacations.

For many, the Cayman Islands rank top among the Caribbean’s dive spots – and there are more than 200 sites to choose from. The warm waters attract tropical fish, colourful sponges and hard corals, and visibility is good. Plunge into ancient wrecks, wallow with giant turtles and drift alongside rare whale sharks, the world’s great dive sites take you to new depths of discovery.

  • The snapper Hole is a fantastic shallow dive in the right weather.
  • Northwest Point Drop-Off has black trigger fish and clouds of blue chromis.
  • Eagle Ray Pass on the North Wall has coral archways and crevices that are home to sponges, fans and spotted eagle rays.
  • Float alongside giant stingrays in Stingray City.
  • Cayman wrecks include the Ten Sails (from 1794) and the four-masted schooner Cali (in 1957) both in the East End of Grand Cayman.

Don't Miss

The annual Batabano festival in April where a parade of colourful costumes, music and dancing fill the streets of Grand Cayman.