One of the most remarkable destinations on the planet, there is something special about Cuba. Trapped in a time warp, with uneven paintwork, worn facades and rusty vehicles, this is what makes Cuba such a magical place.

From crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches to the hustle and bustle of Cuba’s colourful cities, the island presents endless reasons as to why this beautiful gem is top of anyone’s bucket list.

Described as “the most beautiful land one has ever seen” by Christopher Colombus, Cuba is a country of undeniable magic. Havana, Cuba’s eclectic capital, showcases the ‘real Cuba’, with culture bursting at the seams. Characteristic of colourful buildings, narrow cobbled alleys, and 16th Century Spanish colonial architecture, Havana has an atmosphere like no other city and is certainly worthy of a visit during a yacht charter to this cultural hotspot.

As well as multiple other cities and towns that are a must-do when visiting the island, Cuba’s landscapes and natural environments are teeming with wildlife and crocodile-infested mangroves. Boasting mile upon mile of pristine white beaches, Cuba is also renowned for its temperate Caribbean waters, home to some of the world’s best diving sites.