Set in the tropical waters of the South Caribbean Sea, Curaçao lies just off the coast of Venezuela.

Standing out as one of the Caribbean’s most desirable destinations, it embodies a unique combination of cosmopolitan lifestyle with a fun, laid-back Caribbean charm, and has become a favourite of the world’s most discerning travellers. Curaçao’s mixed heritage and diverse culture is attributed to Spanish, Portuguese, English, African and most prominently Dutch influences that have formed the island’s spectacular architecture and the locals very own language.

The southern coastline of the island is sprinkled with idyllic bays, beaches and secluded coves and is more inhabited than the rugged northern shore that is dominated by towering cliffs and a lush, weather-beaten terrain. A haven for keen snorkelers and divers, Curaçao is abundant with fantastic dive sites with crystal-clear waters perfect for viewing colourful marine life, back-dropped by exotic flowers, windswept Divi Divi trees and dramatic caverns carved out of limestone cliffs lining the shores. Immerse yourself in the pleasant waters and explore eerie shipwrecks and vibrant coral reefs before exploring one of the powder-soft beaches that ribbon the coastline and taking an after lunch hike up one of the surrounding hills.

The picturesque capital, Willemstad, has a distinctly Dutch feel with narrow buildings lining a maze of twisting streets. The colonial architecture is painted in an array of pastel colours, mirroring the vitality of Caribbean life and embracing its unique history and culture which have contributed to its UNESCO World Heritage City status. Enjoy authentic rum cocktails among the welcoming locals with a cool breeze and sea views in this truly picture-postcard setting.

  • Snorkel in the small cove of Playa Kalki, also known as Alice in Wonderland.
  • Watch a multi-coloured sunset from the deck of your yacht whilst sampling some locally made Curaçao liqueur.
  • Spend your day at the lively Mambo Beach, which attracts crowds with local music, beach-front spa services, and dining options.
  • Enjoy spectacular wreck diving on the uninhabited island of Klein Curacao (Little Curacao).
  • Cliff dive into the stunning waters off surrounding the beautiful Knip Bay beach on the west coastline.

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  • The Carnival that starts every January and runs all the way through to March, bringing together more than 40 ethnic groups in a flamboyant, hedonistic celebration.

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