Aeolian Islands

Created by volcanoes, two of which remain active, the Aeolian Islands (also known as Lipari Islands), lying off the north coast of Sicily are worshipped for their scenic shores and glittering nightlife. Lipari is the largest of the seven islands with a wild, rocky coastline offering stunning natural beauty and extraordinary views. Take a walk along the footpath between Terme di San Caolgero and the kaolin quarry Bagnosecco, stained a bright rainbow of colours from the sulphurous fumaroles.

The active volcanic island of Stromboli has many bays and inlets that are perfect for water sports. Its black sand beaches lie tucked away in the lava crags along the coast – a perfect setting to enjoy the views of the islet of Strombolicchio. The neighbouring Panarea is the place to head for nightlife in the chic bars and restaurants, followed by a morning relaxing in the hot springs near Punta di Peppe e Maria.

Discover the warm mud baths in Vulcano, set against a smouldering volcano then on to the twin-peaked Salina that boasts an emerald green landscape and charming boutiques for an afternoon of shopping. Designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000, each of the Aeolian islands embodies a different character, offering something for everyone for a truly unique cruising vacation.

  • Anchor off Filcudi and dive amongst the ancient shipwrecks beneath the waters.
  • The stunning coastline of Lipari is best viewed from the decks of your yacht.