Australia is a land of huge contrasts and its vast and enticing cruising grounds are just as varied. Young, glittering cosmopolitan cities rise into the clear blue antipodean sky and pioneer the way in exciting art and architecture, while natural beauty, coral reefs and marine life abounds in the miles of deserted beaches that ring the coast. Islands encompass rich Aboriginal heritage alongside traditional outback life.

Marvel at the incredible snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef. The reef itself is encrusted with bright hard and soft corals teeming with marine life, and the ancient wrecks that dot the sea-bed host giant turtles and rare whale sharks. With so much to choose from including a night at the Sydney Opera House, touring the wine lands and cruising the Whitsunday Islands, the bright lights of the city, combined with tropical islands, provide a varied and vibrant backdrop for an alternative charter in the southern hemisphere.

Alternatively, the brooding mountains and heavily wooded wilderness of Tasmania offers a yacht charter with an otherworldly quality. Reputed for having the cleanest air in the world, the island is a remarkable source of natural beauty, untamed rivers, pristine rainforests and dramatic coastal scenery. The sea currents and wind conditions provide perfect cruising conditions with off the beaten track beaches, sights and adventurous activities to keep everyone occupied on an action packed yacht charter vacation. From bustling bars and bistros to illuminated marine wonderlands, the far flung lands of Australia promise an exciting yachting adventure.