Eastern Mediterranean

Alive with an eclectic mix of colour, culture and charm, the clear, warm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean wash over a mosaic of islands and nations. Each location offers distinct and diverse experiences with ancient ruins, spectacular churches, medieval villages and sacred temples that will enchant anyone that visits. But just as the sheer scale and history of these manmade treasures will amaze you, so too will the natural wonders.

Caught between eastern and western worlds, the contrasting coastline of Turkey is carved with history and is home to a medley of beautiful beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat. The most popular stretch is known as the ‘Turquoise Coastline’ in southern Turkey. Dotted with idyllic fishing harbours and whitewashed buildings, this Turkish Riviera pulsates with vibrant energy and glamorous nightlife.

The birthplace of western civilisation the islands of Greece are full of bustling fishing ports and golden beaches ready to explore while you unlock the charm of its intriguing mythologies and welcoming locals.

Further west discover the little known wonders and unspoilt scenic beauty of Croatia. A nation bequeathed by the legacies of Romans, Venetians and Hapsburgs, Croatia is as picturesque as an eastern European folk tale. The hidden bays and crystal clear waters bordering the sun kissed coves of the sublime Adriatic coast of Montenegro are not to be missed. Volcanic islands simmer, lush pine forests infuse the sea breezes and the varying, electrifying shades of the water defy belief.

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