Ionian Islands

Scattered off the west coast of Greece, the Ionian Islands are the most verdant in the region and therefore promise the most spectacular landscapes.

The seven islands run from the base of the Adriatic to the Peloponnese and thanks to their close proximity to Italy, are tinged with a distinct and appealing Venetian flavour. Cyprus trees, firs and olives are kept green by the winter rainfall, while the summer’s blue skies and stiff afternoon breezes enhance some of the best sailing waters in the Mediterranean.

From the busy tavernas lining the fishing harbours of Corfu and Zakinthos to the tranquil fishing villages of Ithaca and Levkas, each island has its idiosyncrasies of culture and cuisine and as such the island chain provides endless compelling charter possibilities. Corfu is the most northern island in the archipelago and an ideal place to begin your cruise. Explore the rich history and beautiful setting, a favourite of artists, composers and poets wanting to escape the crowds of the French Riviera before swimming in the warm waters of the secluded beaches. For a more cosmopolitan experience hop over to Cephalonia’s northern most port of Fiskardo, a magnet for superyachts, it boasts the perfect combination of traditional Greek tavernas and chic bars. Divide your time between exploring ashore and setting sail across the open seas interconnecting these intriguing islands.

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  • Levkas is a paradise island for windsurfers
  • Indulge in an afternoon of water sports activities around the deep coves and turquoise-bays of Meganissi, Levkas
  • Spend the afternoon swimming and snorkelling through the crystal-clear waters of Paxos and Anti Paxos
  • Catch site of endangered sea turtles on the southern beaches of Cephalonia
  • Watch the sun set over the beautiful rolling peninsular of Vassilikos whilst sipping cocktails on the aft deck
  • Listen to the harmonic ‘kantades’ flowing from the local tavernas on Cephalonia
  • Mimic the days of ancient Greece with a decadent massage on the decks of your yacht
  • Lose yourself in the mystical Cave of Nymphs on the island of Ithaca
  • Discover your very own private beach on Ithaca – Filiarto is highly recommended

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  • Jump on a bike to explore the lesser-known interiors of some of the Ionian islands.
  • Find the cave of Melissani and watch the subterranean lake transform into a stunning myriad of colours when the sun strikes.