Havana to Trinidad

8 Days, from to

From crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches to the hustle and bustle of Cuba’s colourful cities, the island presents endless reasons as to why this beautiful gem is top of anyone’s bucket list. As well as multiple other cities and towns that are a must-do when visiting the island, Cuba’s landscapes and natural environments are teeming with wildlife and crocodile-infested mangroves. Boasting mile upon mile of pristine white beaches, Cuba is also renowned for its temperate Caribbean waters, home to some of the world’s best diving sites. Please note that strict restrictions and regulations apply. Please contact your charter broker for more information.

  • Day 1 Havana

    Begin in Havana, Cuba’s eclectic capital. Representative of a car museum, stepping ashore is like stepping back in automotive time, with a fleet of old-school 1950s American classic cars lining the streets.

    Berthed in the Marina Hemingway, spend the day ashore discovering all that Havana has to offer, followed by an evening meal on the main deck cooked by your very own chef.

  • Day 2 Havana

    Spend the day at your discretion exploring the cobbled alleyways of Havana. Visit the Catedral de San Cristóbal de la Habana, pay a visit to the famous Havana Rum museum and experience one of Cuba’s best and most popular live music venues.

    Enjoy cocktails on the sun deck whilst the sun descends, followed by a delicious meal of your choice. Set sail at 6pm for an overnight cruise of approximately 100 nautical miles (at 15 knots – 7 hours) to Cayo Jutias.

  • Day 3 Havana - Cayo Jutias

    Enjoy a day at your leisure, on board or ashore the sandy beach. Make the most of the on board plethora of water toys and other facilities.

    Set sail at 10pm for an overnight cruise of approximately 100 nautical miles (at 15 knots – 7 hours) to Bahia de Corrintes.

  • Day 4 Cayo Jutias - Bahia de Corrientes

    Bahia de Corrientes is one of Cuba’s top dive sites, famous for its crystal clear waters. It is likely your yacht will come equipped with diving equipment, but if not, there are multiple dive shops ashore.

    Enjoy the evening on board, or head ashore and soak up some of the local culture. Depart at midnight and cruise 90 nautical miles (6 hours) around the southwest corner of Cuba to Isla Juventud.

  • Day 5 Isla de la Juventud - Cienaga de Zapata

    Wake up docked at El Colony at the Isle of Pines (Isla de la Juventud). One of Cuba’s best diving sites, the warm waters boast almost 100 of the world’s 500 species of shark.

    Discover diving, make the most of the leisure facilities on board. Depart at 9pm ready to cruise 115 nautical miles (approx. 7.5 hours).

  • Day 6 Isla de la Juventud - Cienaga de Zapata

    Arrive at Cienaga de Zapata, UNESCO national park at around 5am. Heaven for bird-watchers, wildlife enthusiasts and divers, the swampy peninsula is home to some of the country’s most important bird species.

    Leave at midnight and cruise approximately 75 nautical miles to Trinidad (approx 5 hours).

  • Day 7 Cienaga de Zapata - Trinidad

    Arrive at Trinidad in the early morning and spend the day ashore discovering this perfectly preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site. Characteristic of multi-coloured houses, winding cobbled streets, horses, rusty bicycles and fresh bread, Trinidad is an enchanting town, special in its own right. 

    Spend your final night on your yacht with a delicious meal of your choice cooked by the on board chef.

  • Day 8 Trinidad

    Spend the final day at your leisure in Trinidad. Soak up the culture and tick everything off your to-do list. Disembark the yacht in the afternoon.

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