Vertiginous Coastlines & Volcanic Island Retreats

9 Days, from Naples to Palermo

Italy has long been a magnet for travellers attracted to its glorious culture and artistic heritage, beautiful countryside and wonderful food. From the chic islands of Capri and Ischia, to Sicily and the neighbouring Lipari Islands, explore this graceful stretch of coastline by yacht.

  • Day 1 Naples – Ischia

    Cruise through the Bay of Naples to the island of Ischia.Visit the boutiques and restaurants around the small fishing village of San Angelo, and unwind in the thermal spas of this volcanic island.

  • Day 2 Ischia – Capri

    Neighbouring Capri bustles with with chic boutiques, restaurants and bars.Explore the famous Blue Grotto or step ashore to the beautiful hilltop village of Anacapri.

  • Day 3 Capri – Positano

    Cruise back across the Bay of Naples to the mainland.Anchor beneath the charming hilly town of Positano and enjoy an afternoon of water sports before stepping ashore to dine at the famous San Pietro.

  • Day 4 Positano – Amalfi

    Further down the coast is the traditional fishing village of Amalfi, boasting past glories as a maritime state.Discover the imposingly positioned old cathedral or venture inland to the ruins of Pompeii.

  • Day 5 & 6 Amalfi – Stromboli

    Following an overnight cruise, awake in the waters surrounding the volcanic island of Stromboli.The island is surrounded by crystal-clear bays, ideal for water sports.

  • Day 7 Stromboli – Panarea

    From the volcanic black sands of Stromboli, cruise around to the green paradise island of Panarea.Anchor off the rocks of Panarelli for an afternoon of water sports, before stepping ashore to the many bars and restaurants around the island’s main town.

  • Day 8 Panarea – Lipari

    Lipari is the prettiest and largest of the Aeolian Islands and has a stunning coastline best viewed from the decks of your yacht.

  • Day 9 Lipari – Palermo

    Cruise to the mainland of Sicily and discover Palermo’s medieval charm. Disembark in the splendid natural harbour.

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