Cruising Grounds of Pacific Highs

8 Days, from Zihuatanejo to Los Cabos

Mexico has it all. Sun, sea, desert, jungle, mountains, ancient culture, five-star resorts, and friendly locals spice the country with interest and intrigue, and the Pacific coast and nearby Baja California are among the most irresistible areas of all.

  • Day 1 Zihuatanejo

    Languishing along the Pacific coast of Mexico, Zihuatanejo has been shaken awake from the sleepy fishing village it once was.Today it is a key gateway to the west coast of Mexico. Options abound: head to La Ropa or Playa Linda beaches, scuba dive on the coral reef, or challenge yourself to a round of golf ashore.

  • Day 2 Zihuatanejo – Puerto Vallarta

    As you retire to your stateroom, you’ll ease out of the harbour on a northern course for Puerto Vallarta some 260 nautical miles up the coast.Lying along Banderas Bay, one of the largest bays in the world, the area begs to be explored.

  • Day 3 Puerto Vallarta

    Venture inland and stumble across forests, rivers, waterfalls, mountain streams, jungle canopies and tropical flora and fauna.Follow the right tropical mountain path just a short way from the coast and the trail will wind you through peaceful, scenic landscapes until you arrive at a waterfall in a small canyon.

  • Day 4 Puerto Vallarta – Sayulita

    A short distance north you can step back 50 years in the tiny fishing village of Sayulita.White beaches and friendly locals hint at a quintessentially rural Mexico. The peaceful town square is surrounded by colourful, rustic taco stands where, for a few pesos, you can get a real taste of Mexico.

  • Day 5 Sayulita – Mazatlan

    Mazatlan is your parting taste of life on mainland Mexico.Discover beautiful beaches like Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas and Playa Venado – the latter of which has both calm water that is ideal for swimming, sailing and snorkelling, and areas that are favoured for surfing.

  • Day 6 Mazatlan – Cabo San Lucas

    Rest easy as you cruise overnight across the Pacific to the inviting southern tip of Baja California.Cabo San Lucas is the best entry point and makes for an exciting vista to behold on waking the following morning. The region attracts Californian grey whales that migrate here from Alaska to breed. From January to March they wallow in the coves and inlets of Baja, making this a prime spot for whale watching.

  • Day 7 Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo San Lucas lends itself to kayaking, sportfishing or simply sitting on the beach.Nearby El Arco is a must to visit. It is a naturally hewn rocky arch shaped by centuries of rousing waves and a fun area to explore by tender or kayak.

  • Day 8 Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas

    Surrounded by water on all sides, Los Cabos has capitalised on its potential for activity and adventure.From sportfishing and water sports opportunities in abundance, to land based adventures aplenty, there are activities for everyone. The area is also famed for its fabulous resorts, so you’re highly recommended to remain a few days on land at the end of your cruise.

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