A cruise of the east or west coasts of Mexico is as intoxicating as a shot of tequila Mexico. The country is made up of an exotic mix of Spanish and Indian cultures with a noble streak of legendary Aztec and Mayan civilisations. Feather-soft sand, jungle adventures and sparkling shorelines abound, but It is the diversity of the landscape, bursting with ancient ruins, the friendly locals, and the eons of deserted space that spice the country with interest and intrigue.

A few days ashore in Mexico will put any visitor in a state of beach-induced horizontal hedonism, but all that gazing at the sparkling ocean will soon have you restless to explore further. With your yacht primed, polished and waiting, you have the perfect means of escape.

From the Caribbean Sea in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, Mexico boasts volcanic snow-capped mountain peaks, dusty plateaux, lush tropical forests and exotic flower-decked shorelines. The Yucatan Peninsula on the east coast is sheltered by the Gulf of Mexico and offers a similar climate to the nearby Caribbean. Take your pick of cruising grounds from the 700 miles of coastline, stopping to take in the ancient temples and stunning natural beauty along the way.

Baja California on the west coast is where you will find stunning desert backdrops along the brilliant blue coastline. A strip of land barely kissing the top of mainland Mexico, this stunning location is flanked by the Pacific to the west and the Sea of Cortéz to the east. Try whale spotting and kayaking from Magdelena Bay for a truly memorable vacation.

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Banderas Bay is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains. Whilst anchored step ashore and discover the eco-reserve at the heart of the mountain range.