Middle East

If you’re looking for a unique cruising experience, the remarkable underwater worlds around and beyond the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf make for an unusual and enchanting vacation. The Middle East is a fascinating part of the world, with biblical, cultural and natural wonders in abundance that offer some of the globes best diving areas. Catch a sunset over the Gulf of Aqaba at just the right moment and you get the gist of why the Red Sea is so aptly named. As the sun catches on the scarlet mountains either side of this ten mile stretch of water, the sea simmers deep red with their reflection.

Cruising from Aqaba in Jordan down the coast of Aqaba, which slithers between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the route is edged with vast deserts and mountain landscapes. The climate remains favourable year-round, and the welcome of the locals is equally warm. With near-deserted islands and fascinating offshore reefs to explore, calm bays for water sports and bustling markets as vibrant with local character as they are with spices and jewels, you can experience exotic lands like no other.

While enthusiasts of both culture and history will be in their element during this cruise, diving fans can spend days exploring the wonders beneath the waterline. Ras El Shaitan (Devil’s Head) is one of the best-known sites in the Gulf, where you can encounter hard corals, octopus, puffer fish, moon groupers, lemon goby and blue-green puller. Experience an exhilarating mix of diverse culture, breathtaking history, captivating landscapes and all round adventure on this unforgettable charter vacation.

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