Northern Europe

An ideal destination for unique and tranquil charters, the lands of the Baltic are as remote as you could wish for. The less developed cruising grounds of northern Europe encapsulate true natural beauty, offering diverse and rich landscapes. Discover island hideaways, historical landmarks, peaceful beaches and swathes of forest wilderness in a region that, even in the height of summer, retains a sense of exclusivity and serenity.

The mountainous fjords of Norway provide a perfect backdrop to any charter vacation. Towering cliffs and enchanting coastlines line the way to magnificent glaciers as you marvel at the spectacular scenery. Cruise alongside migrating whales and dolphins on the coast of Iceland, to the archipelagos and inland waterways of Denmark and across the Baltic Sea to the fairy tale fishing villages of Finland.

At the heart of Sweden lies a haven of beautiful islands alongside the sophisticated and cosmopolitan Stockholm. This beautiful Scandinavian region is full of culture and history that offers fantastic sailing conditions for any keen yachtsman. Beholding a myriad of delights that are bathed in the warm sun of endless summer days, from mid-June to mid-July the lands of the ‘Midnight-Sun’ are punctuated by just a few hours of darkness.

Explore the traditions of the famous and ancient yachting destinations of the United Kingdom where some of the world’s most important and longest running regattas take place. The mesmerising mist-shrouded lochs and bustling port towns of Scotland embody a charm and atmosphere you will not find anywhere else in the world.

From sleepy fishing villages to medieval castles, northern Europe is a truly fascinating destination.

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