Rome & West Italy

Abound with picturesque shores and beautiful bays, the west coast of Italy and its off-lying islands are both dramatic and idyllic in their tapestry of landscapes.

Arguably the best way to explore this region is by yacht, providing easy access to quiet backwaters and anchorages far from the madding crowds. Hotels and restaurants can be found in splendid villas and medieval convents, some of which welcomed the first Grand Tourists almost two centuries ago. From cities boasting innumerable treasures of Renaissance palaces, baroque masterpieces and Roman remains, to sun-drenched coves hugging the emerald sea, the warmth and personality of Italy shines through.

Those looking for something extra special will find rich architecture, art and religious and historical monuments in the capital city of Rome. Watch the pink sunset along the Tiber, marvel at the breathtaking Sistine Chapel and the iconic Vatican City, shop in the designer boutiques and enjoy evenings full of fabulous food and even better wine. Often overlooked for the hustle and bustle of the spectacular city centre, the seaside towns dotting the coast outside Rome are perfect to escape to for a day of fresh seafood, golden sands and beautiful sunsets. Just South of Rome is Anzio, playground of Emperor Nero, and site of the Allied invasion in 1944, a perfect place to enjoy the eclectic mix culture, history and sun-soaked beaches.

  • Campari and soda in hand, watch the beguiling landscape of the coast scattered with relics of bygone empires fade into the distance from the luxury of your yacht.
  • The busy port of Salerno offers the most convenient access point on the coast and is celebrated for its ceramics and sweeping views of the dramatic coastline.

Don't Miss

  • Mille Miglia, 1,000 mile dash from Brescia to Rome.