Southeast Asia

The lands of Southeast Asia are suffused with Chinese and Indian influences, tropical climates, legendary hospitality and a wealth of attractions. Flavoured by some of the most exotic, dynamic and intriguing cultures in the world, the coastlines of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India and Philippines are truly captivating.

Known as the land of smiles, Thailand offers timeless serenity along the south-western coastline. Although it has long been a well-established travel hot spot, it still retains its authentic appeal, stemming from an ancient and mystic Buddhist heritage. Aboard a luxury yacht is the best way to discover the largely uninhabited surrounding islands that are famous for their stunning topography and underwater marine life. Step ashore and explore the pristine beaches, beautiful landscapes, and native cultures of this reigning maritime jewel of Southeast Asia.

Further north, Vietnam retains many of the hallmarks of its colonial past, with tree lined boulevards, open-air cafés and huge bustling marketplaces. Inextricably linked with all things exotic, it is a land bursting with life, full of breathtaking beaches, energetic cities, colourful markets and golden temples.

Delve into the remote and crystal clear waters of Indonesia that are world renowned for their spectacular dive sites. The underwater wilderness and haunting shipwrecks teem with marine life, providing the ultimate diving experience. If you are craving some hustle and bustle, take a step into civilisation of Singapore. The ultra-modern island is famed for being the corporate and financial hub of Southeast Asia and for its dedication to quality living.

Among tiny islands, volcanic regions and tropical forests sit fascinating histories and welcoming locals just waiting to be discovered on your next yacht charter.

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