Southern Africa

The intoxicating cultural and geographical brew that is Southern Africa offers a yachting itinerary full of exceptional sightseeing, beguiling coastlines and thrilling safaris. Discover towns sandwiched between magnificent mountains, abundant wildlife, diverse multicultural traditions and simply breathtaking beaches from porcelain white sands to rugged and rocky terrains.

Cape Town is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. With the iconic Table Mountain presiding majestically over the city bowl, it provides by far the most glamorous entrance into South Africa. Take a tranquil tour of the beautiful winelands rolling over the hills outside of the city; spot dolphins and seals from golden sand beaches by day; and watch city lights sparkle into life beneath the vast star strewn sky after the sun has gone down.

The towering, ancient trees and network of swinging vines filling the dense forests of Madagascar are just one of the reasons to visit this biologically rich country. Step ashore and discover mind-blowing labyrinths of jagged, gothic-like stone forests in the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park and Reserve. Despite its tropical climate and 5,000 miles of spectacular coastline filled with glorious beaches, Madagascar’s colonial culture and inland landscape make it more than just a beach retreat.