Finland & the Artic

Finland has been attracting seafarers with its natural wonders, vibrant cities and Northern Lights that paint the night skies for hundreds of years. The cruising grounds are ideal for an action packed yacht vacation, with activities aplenty including fishing, hiking and kayaking. Crystal clear waters, dense green woodland, wide open meadows and wild, rocky islands line the shores whilst inland cities embody vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle and architectural gems.

The natural paradise of eastern Finland with its maze of winding lakes and rolling hills has long been a popular destination for the more discerning traveller, and is home to the beautiful coastal capital Helsinki. The largest of the many islands within the Finnish archipelago, the Åland Islands stretch like jewels across the Baltic Sea to Sweden. Explore the flat landscapes brimming with medieval castles, churches, museums and charming fishing villages, rich in culture and history.

Journey to the Arctic to view the world under a shield of ice, where glaciers slide down from the ice cap to form a barren desert of icebergs as a blanket of snow covers the wintry landscapes. Its 24 hour a day summer sunshine between April and October creates a constant up-beat tempo where locals and visitors party in the chic bars and hotels, wild flowers blossom across the hills and wildlife thrives in the rich ecosystem.  Float between the imposing icebergs, taking in the mesmerising views and party as the midnight sun casts a surreal glow over the surrounding scenery on a mesmerising vacation you will never forget.

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  • Kayak or canoe down one of the many lakes back-dropped by mountains and woodland.
  • Get stunning views of the glaciers in a helicopter, stopping off for a glass of chilled champagne along the way.
  • Ice fishing through drilled holes in the winter.
  • Party through the night on your luxury yacht in the summer when the sun never goes down.
  • To see a different side of Finland, cruise along the Swedish-speaking villages on the west coast near. 

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The Arctic region is renowned for polar bear spotting and the view from a helicopter is the best way to see them in their natural environment.