Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is an archipelago of seven islands, offering picturesque coastlines, magnificent architecture, colourful fiestas and wealth of historical attractions.

The fusion of North African, Italian, British and Arabic influences with Sicilian inspired cuisine and Mediterranean climate ensures an eclectic and varied charter vacation. Crystal clear waters are home to a breathtaking array of fish and coral, perfect for anchoring up and diving into the underwater world or trying out some of the water sports on offer. Discover the spectacular baroque architecture, preserved waterfalls and picturesque harbour of Malta’s capital, Valletta before taking time out enjoy time out on the many bays and beautiful beaches around the coast.

Adrift in the channel between Malta and Gozo, with an area of less than two square kilometres, Comino is the smallest of the Maltese Islands. It has just a handful of permanent residents and one hotel, but what it lacks in humans it makes up for in wildlife. The island is almost one entire nature reserve, with a bird sanctuary and some stunning underwater life along the coastline. Once you have explored the island (on foot as there are no cars), and discovered the 14th-century chapel, you are left with the island’s main attraction – the crystal-clear sea. The cave-strewn coastline has some of the Mediterranean’s most appealing snorkelling and diving sites, and it’s where you will find the renowned Blue Lagoon – a protected inlet of unbelievably shimmering water.

  • Yacht is the best way to see the beautiful Blue Grotto sea caverns on the southern coast.
  • Anchor off Selmun Bay, not accessible by road and enjoy the golden sands in total seclusion.
  • Stop off for a swim in Golden Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in Malta.
  • Take in the views of the rugged landscape and coastline from while cruising along on your luxury yacht.

Don't Miss

  • If visiting in June or July take a trip to the beautiful 400-year-old fortress, now home to the St James Cavalier Centre, for jazz concerts, comedy and art exhibitions.