Mexico - East Coast

Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the warm azure waters of the Caribbean Sea that lap the shores, the east coast of Mexico is a gateway to bustling beach towns and lush landscapes that have long tempted tourists in search of soft sand, rich culture and that famous Mexican vitality for life. From the elegant architecture of Uxmal to the ruins of Palenque, its labyrinth Mayan palace rising up the hills amid the thick rainforests of Chiapas and verdant forests alive with wildlife from hummingbirds to flamingos, be ready for an itinerary that’s as spirited as the locals.

The Yucutan Peninsula in the southeast is rich in Mayan history, nowhere more evident than the fascinating historical state of Quintana Roo that boasts 120 miles of picturesque coastline, dotted with white sand beaches, important archaeological sites and an eclectic mix of bars and restaurants. Famous for its buzzing party scene, Cancun’s 17 mile long strip of white sand is one of the world’s most popular beach destinations and offers endless activities a watersports.  For a quieter pace of life without the crowds, Playa del Carmen offers underground freshwater caves and fantastic diving of the nearby Great Mayan Reef, whilst the scenic island of Cozumel holds wonderful coral reefs beyond the shores of its secluded beaches.

As well as the delicious classic Mexican cuisine (typically a bold infusion of fish, corn, beans, tomatoes, chocolate, avocado, papaya, spices and chilli peppers), the east coast is heavily influenced by international flavours. Expect Californian, French, Italian, Asian and Japanese offerings to tempt your palate and an equally inspired variety of places to eat it, ranging from elegant silver-service establishments to street bistros, trendy beachside eateries, and hacienda restaurants with live music and dancing.

  • Enjoy the wide range of cuisines available in the restaurants lining the busy Veracruz Port.
  • Eight miles northeast of Cancun is Isla Mujeres, a small idyllic island home to the Cancun underwater museum and well worth a visit.
  • Get fantastic views of the active fishing harbour and lighthouse in the Progreso Port from the deck of your yacht.
  • Dive beneath the waterline and explore the shipwrecks, caves and huge reef off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. 

Don't Miss

The annual Veracruz Carnival in February and March is a vibrant mix of dancing, music, parade floats and colourful costumes and is one of the largest festivals in Mexico.