A gateway to the Islamic, Arabic and African worlds, Morocco is an exhilarating cultural and spiritual mix that promises to captivate the senses. Its spectacular landscapes are made up of magnificent snow-capped mountains, golden sands and lush river valleys. Hike through the beautiful wild flower trails of the Atlas Mountains, ride camel-back across the vast Sahara or explore the towering peaks and mud-walled Kasbahs in Draa Valley on a unique cruising vacation rich in culture and natural wonders.

Enjoy the romance of the ancient market town of Marrakesh with its old city walls that hold vibrant markets, red ochre buildings and winding streets lined with snake-charmers, storytellers, acrobats and musicians, all revolving around the medieval minaret of the Katoubia Mosque. Soak up the sights, sounds and heady aromas drawing you into the maze of the ancient souk where endless stalls are laden with everything from spices to hand-made crafts. The magical medieval city of Fez is the spiritual core of the country and is home to some of North Africa’s most splendid mosques and medersas.

Morocco’s Atlantic coast stretches over 1,800 miles from Dakhla up to Cap Sapartel and the Straits of Gibraltar. Quaint coastal towns with winding narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and atmospheric cafés dot the relatively undeveloped coastline, interrupted only by vast expanses of golden beaches. Discover the remote and rugged seascapes of Massa in the south and the impressive fine sand beaches of Oualidia to the north of the Atlas Mountains.

  • Head to the charming fishing port of Essaouri for fantastic windsurfing conditions.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of rocky bays, weather beaten cliffs and rippling sand dunes of Morocco’s coastline from the top deck of your yacht.
  • Surf at one of Morocco’s most famous spots, Taghazoute.
  • Visit the busy coastal resort Asilah and grab some lunch at one of the seafront restaurants.
  • Discover the Saadian Kasbah ruins in Oulidia that stands over the crescent shaped lagoon.

Don't Miss

  • The annual Festival of Sacred Music held every June in Fez.