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Innovative layouts

Today’s yachtsman is moving away from traditional

structures with divided interiors and smaller outdoor

spaces. There is an increased focus on the outdoor areas

and creating a direct, intimate experience with the sea.

Similarly, lighter and larger open plan interiors are

becoming more popular. This maximises the space that a

yacht’s inhabitants can share. It also enables yacht owners

to incorporate the alfresco feel into the interior of a yacht.


“The M/Y ‘Ottantacinque’, for example,

stands out for creating a seamless

experience of the sea. There is a large

beach club/spa area in the over-deck of

about 170 square meters, which allows in

an enormous amount of light and creates a

great feeling of openness inside the yacht.

Not tomention a sense of communion

with the sea, and a real continuity between

indoors and outdoors, which would be

difficult to experience inmany other


Marco Mazzù

Head of Origination Strategies and Market

Development, Fincantieri

“Spaces themselves are evolving with

glass andmaterial technology advancing,

the structural constraints are becoming

less, leading tomore interesting ways of

designing spaces and combining areas.”

Jason Macaree

Director, Reymond Langton Design