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Imaginative water toys

& entertainment

Toys are becoming a primary rather than a secondary part

of the voyage. Support vessels often carry additional toys

and tenders to cater for this need. At the same time, the

toy inventory continues to be regularly updated. Alongside

standard ones such as jet skis, water skis and canoes, there

is an increasing demand for the latest gadgets, be it a jetlev,

skibob or hover board.

On the entertainment front, yachts are making great strides

to offer the latest and most up to date content in a top notch

setting. Cinema rooms are becoming increasingly popular,

while content is expected to be of the highest quality with

regard to picture, sound and speed.

Online film libraries and the latest movies can now be

bought directly from the studios and are becoming the

norm. Because of this increased demand, effective internet

connections are essential to the yachting experience.


“There are new trends in toys, in addition

to the traditional jet skis. Seabobs are very

popular and we’re seeing more of the slides

that you can hook onto the side of the yachts.

Trampolines – anything that floats and flies

around. People these days are keen to

knowwhat’s on the toy list.”

Vaniese Baldacchino

Charter Broker, Camper & Nicholsons

“Cinemas of the highest quality are

becoming significant, both internally and

on deck. But the most impressive private

space I have designed would be a private

swimming pool on board a yacht with a

water flowmachine – you could spend all

day in it and never have to swim in the sea.”

Andrew Winch

Winch Design