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Focus on health &wellness

Individuals are looking to carry their balanced lifestyle

into the world of yachting. No longer are they willing to

compromise their health. Instead their dietary, fitness

and wellness requirements are expected to be met

onboard, to the same standard as they are at home.

This is why many yachts are offering highly skilled

personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists and masseurs

– all appealing to a growing number of health conscious

men and women. Similarly menus and food demands

can be tailored to suit all palates and dietary needs.


“We think that the ‘spa experience’ is

accelerating, and I am sure this will

make for some interesting space

concepts in the next few years.”

Jason Macaree

Director, Reymond Langton Design

“A chef on board a luxury yacht is unlike any

other. Not only is every meal prepared to the

same exacting standards as in the world’s

finest restaurants, but every day brings with

it the balancing of dietary requirements,

and the wishes and whims of between

eight and 12 guests.”

Dylan Stacey

Chef on board M/Y Metsuyan IV