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What can we say? There’s

nothing quite like owning

a yacht. For starters, there’s

the cachet that ownership

bestows. With the average

superyacht costing $10million

to buy, the price tag makes

it prohibitive to the masses

– and a rarity even among

the world’s ultra wealthy.

Consider this: the club of yacht

ownership is so exclusive,

you would be joining an elite

group populated by some of

the world’s wealthiest and

most famous individuals.

If you choose to build your own yacht, you

are only limited by your imagination. In fact,

owners speak of the construction process

with great fondness. Many find envisioning

and creating their own superyacht so

enjoyable that they repeat the build

experience – rather than looking to

the used yacht market.

Even if you decide to buy an existing

yacht, you can still tailor your superyacht

to be exactly how you want it to be. Toys,

cinema, your own office, private relaxation

spaces – again, you are only limited by your

imagination. Or maybe you would like to show

off your art or private car collection. One thing

is for sure – your superyacht can be a mirror

of you and your lifestyle. It is no surprise that

for some, their superyacht becomes one of

their most prized possessions.

But the biggest perk of being a superyacht

owner is the ability to be master of your

own dreams. Had enough of the French

Riviera and want to explore further afield?

Moor your yacht in the South Pacific, fly

out and explore your heart’s desires in

inimitable style. In fact, you can position

your yacht wherever it pleases you, making

no corner of the world beyond your reach.

Interestingly, though, many owners choose

to charter yachts that can give them easy

access to the experiences they desire – such

as diving, arctic exploration and more.

On the downside, you have to contend with

significant running costs. But for some, the

ability to maintain your own superyacht is

part and parcel of the cachet of ownership.

On the other hand, many owners offset

some of the running costs by offering their

yacht on the charter market. Of course, the

process of purchasing can be complex and

operating your yacht can be tricky – but

that’s what seasoned brokers are for.