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If chartering a yacht appeals

to you, it is probably because

of its carefree nature. For

people who charter, the focus

is entirely on the experience –

and the creation of memories.

Flexibility is key – and in this

realmwe mean it in every

sense of the word.

In the hunt for experiences, there is no

greater experience than yachting itself.

You can easily explore this exclusive world,

alternating between sailing yachts or motor

yachts as it pleases you. The array of yachts

available for charter is impressive. In this

respect, chartering is also the ideal way

to sample what ownership could be like.

You will have full freedom to go wherever

you want. In other words, you won’t be

seasonally tied to a single region like an

owner would. So you could easily cruise

round the Virgin Islands one week, then

charter a yacht with an ice-breaking hull

the following – and head to the Antarctic.

It is the ideal option for those who are put

off by the steep price tag and running costs –

or prefer to have their capital invested.

You will miss out on the cachet of ownership.

And you won’t be able to personalise the

boat to reflect your particular tastes. But

for some, the lower overheads, flexibility

and the ability to focus on experiences

prove themselves a bigger draw.


There has never been

a better time to enjoy

membership of this most

distinguished of clubs,

whether as an owner

or a charterer.