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Gualtiero Giori

Executive Chairman

Camper & Nicholsons

Today, we continue to fly the flag of innovation

and have partnered withWealth-X to create

this first edition of

The State of Wealth, Luxury

and Yachting

. The only report of its kind to

take a comprehensive look at the changing

world of luxury.

Together withWealth-X, the global authority

on wealth intelligence; whose award-winning

research and thought leadership are regularly

cited by renowned media outlets such as


, the

Financial Times

, and the



we shed light on how the shifting sands of

wealth and luxury affect trends in yachting.

We highlight how yachting can, in fact,

become an all-encompassing platform for

experiencing the very definition of luxury.

Wealth-X’s researchers and analysts in 13

offices across five continents have compiled

and analysed data on the world’s Ultra High

Net Worth (UHNW) population, identifying

key themes and macro trends, and building

a profile of a typical superyacht owner.

Luxury is an elusive concept to pin down.

Tastes and desires differ around the world

– and even beyond the geographical, what

constitutes luxury (and its enjoyment) is

immensely personal. The answer lies in the

theme underscoring all our findings: that

luxury is shifting from the accumulation of

objects to the acquisition of experiences.

As individuals seek to maximise the return

on the investment of time and resources they

commit, yachting continues to stand head

and shoulders above other activities through

its ability to encompass a spectrum of

experiences that no other luxury vehicle can.

Surveying the state of wealth, we find that

the UHNW individuals are a small proportion

of the world’s population. But, even within

these elite ranks, only a select few can afford

superyachts – a fact which further establishes

yachting as the pinnacle of experiential luxury.

As far back as you look, Camper &Nicholsons

has been the hallmark of quality, luxury and

prestige. Our craftsmanship and innovation

have secured our place in yachting history, while

our unblemished reputation and dedication to

excellencemeans theworld’smost discerning

clientele trust us beyond all others.


Mykolas Rambus

Chief Executive Officer