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C&NI Crew Stars - Yacht Crew Awards

At Camper & Nicholsons we know our charter crew are all stars, but we wanted to create a way to recognise those who shine the brightest, so we have designed a brand new awards program - The Camper & Nicholsons Crew Stars.

The Camper & Nicholsons Crew Stars is an award program with a difference. Rather than rehash the same old boring ideas everyone has heard before, we wanted to recognise our crew for the specific contributions they make – those special touches, ideas and efforts above and beyond the ordinary that really make a difference to both charter guests and to each other, and which ultimately contribute to the overall successful operations of our yachts. We also wanted to make this awards program completely fair and democratic, so our actual crew will decide the winners.

We have created 7 different categories, giving each department a chance to show off their fabulous talents, including two individual awards designed to recognise great personal performance throughout the season, and one overall best yacht award to acknowledge the team whose exemplary efforts have resulted in the most glowing guest feedback over the course of each season.



Team Stars

Of the seven different awards categories that we have created, five are dedicated to the exemplary efforts of specific charter crew teams. These awards give each department on board our yachts the opportunity to showcase their specific strengths and talents plus one that acknowledges the best yacht crew as a whole.


Shining Stars
Best ambience/ scene or setting to delight
our charter guests
Mary Jean
Sabina Alomerovic - Chief Stewardess
Murielle Adriaessen - 2nd Stewardess
Kimberly Mullany - Stewardess
Lucy Reid - Stewardess
Blazing Stars
Creating the most fun factor for our guests
Jet toys
Andrew Flanagan - First Mate
Guy Mannering - Bosun
Garrick Matthee - Deckhand
Galactic Galley
Best crew food – nutritious, delicious & ambitious to keep the crew happy, healthy and full of energy
Friday fry up
Vantage Thibaut de Larquier - Chef
Brightest Stars
Most innovative solution and/or most
helpful team player(s) throughout the
Veli Karacinar - Captain
All Stars
Whole Yacht
Best guest feedback throughout the seasonMary Jean
Danielle de Vere - Captain
Jacques Botes - Chief Officer
Brook Townsend - Bosun
Michael Johnson - Deckhand
Jordan Parkinson - Deckhand
Daniel Marciniak - Chief Engineer
Mladen Milisic - Chief Engineer
Igor Rozic - 2nd Engineer
Sabina Alomerovic - Chief Stewardess
Murielle Adriaessen - 2nd Stewardess
Kimberly Mullany - Stewardess
Lucy Reid - Stewardess
Martin Bugeja - Chef
Massimo Cosenza - Chef

Individual Stars

The two awards created for 'Individual Stars' have been designed to recognise the great personal performance and individual accomplishments of certain members of charter crew who have received the most glowing feedback over the course of each season.


Guiding Star
Senior Crew Member
Best Mentor throughout the seasonVeli Karacinar
Rising Star
Junior Crew Member
Most Promising industry newcomer Igor Rozic
2nd EngineerMary Jean

The annual Camper & Nicholsons Crew Stars will run each summer and winter season with winners announced and recorded here on our special Crew Stars Leader Board for all to see.

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