• Yacht Crew Jobs


Perhaps one of the things that is particular about yachting is that nearly everyone must enter the industry at the bottom and work their way up. Starting salaries for both interior and exterior jobs tend to be approximately €2,000 / $2,500 per month across the board, although this varies boat to boat. In addition to your enthusiastic attitude of course, it is daywork, relevant past experience, and certifications that will be the main deciding factors in where you land in the hierarchy.


A deckhand is the entry level for almost all professional exterior crew jobs on yachts. They will be expected to do a variety of jobs and experience in the following can only be an asset. Painting, sanding, varnishing, carpentry, buffing, polishing and finishing. Deckhands do not have to have sailing qualifications but having them is an asset.

Deckhand Career

Chief Steward / Stewardess

A Chief Steward/ess is most likely an experienced Steward/ess who has progressed to this higher-ranking role. They are in charge of the interior of the yacht and have a similar role to a steward/ess, but on a more senior level. The Chief Steward/ess manages and recruits the interior staff (Stewards, Housekeeper, etc) and reports directly to the Captain.

Steward / Stewardess Career

Chef / Crew Cook / Sous Chef

On a superyacht, regardless of the size, the food is one thing that a charter guest or an owner will always remember. The Chef plays an incredibly important role and is one of the key figures on board.

Yacht Chef Career