SEA+I - Winter 2018 Edition

Hurricane Run - the DNA of a perfect charter yacht WRITTEN BY MARINA MICI CHARTER The determining characteristics of the perfect charter yacht’s DNA are four fold. From the crew to the layout, facilities and even the décor, there is a fine line between a great charter experience and an outstanding one. A successful charter yacht starts with the owner, who hires the right captain and provides him or her with the right tools to fulfill their role.The style and management of the charter is then led by the captain. Flexibility, empathy, intelligence and integrity are the four most important traits of the best charter captains. In turn, an empathetic and intelligent crew is equally essential. It is the crew who transform a great charter into a perfect and memorable experience.Those crews which have longevity of service are usually the most successful charter yachts, and having longevity in a crew means that they work as part of a team. Working as such a team, handling each charter afresh, and having fun while they work, results in an outstanding crew who can deliver an over and above level of service to each and every charter guest. Captain Emile Coetzee has been in professional yachting for over two decades and with the same owner for his last three yachts. He is currently the captain on board Hurricane Run , one of the yachting industry’s most successful and highly sought after charter yachts. When it comes to selecting a yacht’s crew, Emile believes that there is no magic formula, but experience plays a major part. “Hire like-minded people and plug them into the framework of the yacht’s DNA; watch as they either seamlessly blend with their fellow crew, and adapt and fit in, or not, as is sometimes the case,” says Emile. “A well model on group dynamics tells us that after a team forms, they storm before they are able to norm and ultimately perform”, and never has this been truer than when creating a successful crew on board a superyacht.” One of the most important and memorable guest experiences on board a charter yacht is the food, and the most successful charter yachts develop reputations for their fine cuisine. Superyacht chefs are world-class, with the ability to switch from Michelin-star style cuisine to comfort food at a moments notice. Other crew members who are of vital importance are the chief stewardess and his or her team, who, on board a successful charter yacht, need to be efficient and IMAGE Emile Coetzee, captain on board Hurricane Run 105