• Choosing a Yacht Management Company

Choosing a Management Company

Entrusting a company with the management of your yacht is an important task, which is why it's imperative you find the right company for you. Camper & Nicholsons works its long-standing management services around each owner and their yacht¹s intended operation. In doing so, we ensure that every yacht is appointed the most suitable package, an essential factor in successful yacht management.

Our key strengths in yacht management include:

  • Tailored to suit each yacht’s operation

    Camper & Nicholsons Yacht Management services are built around the requirements of each owner, helping them get the best out of their yacht, whether it is 20 metres of 120 metres.

  • Invaluable technical knowledge

    The operation of today’s yachts requires the knowledge and skill levels found in Commercial Ship Management. Camper & Nicholsons’s Yacht Management Division have the technical knowledge and the experience to ensure the operations of these yachts appear hassle free to their owners.

  • Decades of experience in yacht management

    Camper & Nicholsons has been providing a Yacht Management service since 1988, and has acquired an unrivalled depth of experience in the complex field of yacht management over the past three decades.

  • A range of packages

    Camper & Nicholsons’s Yacht Management Division’s expertise and knowledge encompasses all aspects of Yacht Management, including the application and thorough understanding of formal codes of practice, rules and regulations, technical expertise, reliable administration, commercial awareness, and the more subjective factors of yachting. Furthermore, our team is equipped with master mariners, engineers, purchasing staff, accountants and crew managers, all working together to provide the highest level of support and guidance to captains and owners. Whilst Camper & Nicholsons’s managed fleet is under full management, clients may enlist Camper & Nicholsons’s Yacht Management services in a number of different packages, in order to ensure the safety and success of their every voyage.

  • Global support

    With Yacht Management teams in Europe and the US, clients are safe in the knowledge that, wherever their yacht may be, Camper & Nicholsons’s Yacht Management experts are always up-to-date on its operations.

  • Established relationships with leading specialists

    Camper & Nicholsons’s Yacht Management Division has an excellent reputation with all leading Flag States and Classification Agencies, insurance brokers, naval architects and shipyards. These carefully established and long-standing relationships ensure the seamless management of every yacht.

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