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Anyone who has boarded one of today’s superyachts will understand what a crucial role safety plays in its smooth operation.  Camper & Nicholsons knows the yacht safely codes, ISM & ISPS, inside out – detailed knowledge which ensures the safe operation of a wide variety of vessels year upon year.

ISM & ISPS - Ensuring the save operation of your vessel

ISM - International Safety Management

ISPS - International Ship & Port Security


ISM - International Safety Management

The ISM Code requires that the managing company must be responsible for the technical maintenance of the ship. In order for us to be able to fulfill our obligations in this respect, we must satisfy ourselves that there is an adequate planned maintenance routine onboard.

Monthly maintenance reports are sent by ship’s staff to keep us informed of the status of machinery and safety equipment. Where defects are reported which pose a threat to the safety of the yacht, we work closely with the ship’s staff to ensure that these are rectified as soon as possible. In practical terms, this could include visits to the ship by our technical staff to discuss solutions, the organization of third party contractors, the ordering and dispatch of parts and machinery etc.

Our technical superintendent is available for any troubleshooting or general assistance to on board staff. We also liaise and work with class and flag state surveyors as needed. Shipyard attendance during annual dry-docking is provided if requested, however the engineering staff onboard remains responsible for the compilation of shipyard and repair work lists, which are reviewed by Camper & Nicholsons and appointed contractors as required.

  • Crew

    As ISM managers, Camper & Nicholsons are responsible for ensuring that all personnel onboard are properly qualified and medically fit. If a recognized manning agency is used, we have to satisfy ourselves that the agency is competent to supply crew of the right caliber. Where crew are sourced other than by a recognized manning agency, we verify their qualifications and fitness before their appointment can be confirmed.

  • Record Maintenance

    We maintain records of personnel to ensure that their various certificates remain in date. Because of these controls, one can be confident that crew paperwork will not present a problem in the event of Port State Control inspections.

  • Certification & Survey Maintenance

    We maintain records of all surveys carried out and the due dates for the next surveys. In conjunction with the Captain, we liaise directly with the Flag Administration and Class Societies as appropriate to organize all surveys required.

  • Internal Audits / Routine Visits

    A requirement of the ISM Code is that the company carries out audits on managed yachts. This is done on an annual basis and normally takes a full day. The audit team for the yacht consists of the DPA and our Technical Superintendent. Our job is to assess the level of onboard compliance with the SMS. Audits are a beneficial exercise for both parties, providing an opportunity to raise the level of awareness and interest in safety management for all concerned.

  • Formal Audits

    In addition to the formal audits, we make a point of visiting vessels under ISM whenever possible. These visits enable ship and shore staff to get to know each other and thus improve working relationships. They often provide fertile ground for the discussion and development of new ideas.


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ISPS - International Ship & Port Security

In order to comply with the ISPS Code, each ship must have a security plan containing measures that can be implemented for various security levels set by governments. Camper & Nicholsons is applying the same philosophy to ISPS that has served them so well with the ISM Code. This means that our approach is pragmatic and aims to achieve compliance with a minimum of expense and disruption to the yacht’s operation.

  • Threats

    We advise on the level of threats likely to be encountered by the ship, using appropriate security assessments and other relevant information, ensuring that the ship security plan is modified to correct deficiencies and satisfy the security requirements of the individual ship.

  • Audits

    A requirement of the ISPS Code is that the company carries out audits on managed yachts. This is done on an annual basis and normally takes a full day, in conjunction with the ISM audit. We also take advantage of such audits to review security activities, ensuring that deficiencies and non-conformities identified during such security inspections and verifications of compliance are promptly addressed and dealt with.

  • Security

    In order to enhancing security awareness and vigilance, we make sure that adequate training is provided for the personnel responsible for the security of the ship. We also advise on effective communication and co-operation between the ship security officer and the relevant port facility security officers, and ensure consistency between security requirements and safety requirements.


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