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A Trip to Norway

1st Feb 2016

In September 2015, Ola Hiis Bergh of Superyacht Norway invited three charter managers including Céline Laffin from Camper & Nicholsons to visit the fjords of Norway on a four-day trip. Often felt like a journey into the unknown in comparison to the popular cruising destinations of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, Ola took his guests to discover the very calm waters of this unspoiled utopia.

Having arrived at Bergen, the charter managers began their trip with a drive through the fjords of Hardanger to Lofthus. Their destination was the superyacht port, owned by multi award winning, Hotel Ullensvang that boasts exquisite views of the mountain range, and an 88m swimming channel pool.

A ‘Norway in a nutshell’ trip from Voss to Flam awaited the team the next day. Travelling through some of the most spectacular sceneries, the Flam railway is one of Europe’s finest examples of engineering excellence. The group then embarked on a guided ferry tour through the most dramatic fjord in Europe, followed by a private tour of the Otternes Bygdetun Farm.

Visiting the largest glacier in Norway with incredible ice formations, glacier walks can be arranged here. In the afternoon, the team visited the oldest wooden church in the world, Urnes Stave Church, and later had dinner served at Skaari Farm, where guests can experience living here for a few days in the same conditions as Vikings.

The penultimate day took the group to the charming village of Bekkjarvik, located on the island of Austevoll. Renowned for their excellent food, particularly fresh seafood, the team was lucky enough to have dinner by the award-winning Chef Orjan Johnannesen.

Described as a trip of a lifetime, the charter managers look forward to encouraging charters to this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. The 77m luxury motor yacht, Legend, will be available for charter in Norway in June and July. For more information on chartering in Norway, please contact your charter broker.

Superyacht Norway

Founded in 2014, Superyacht Norway was established with the ambition of driving superyacht tourism in and around the fjords of Western Norway. Working closely with local guides who have unrivalled knowledge on the region, customised proposals are created specifically for your charter.

For more information on Superyacht Norway, please visit

by Camper Nicholsons

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  • Loenvatnet, Sogn og Fjordane. © Sergey Bogomyako

Unless you have been to the fjords in Norway, it is hard to imagine such a wonderful place.