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Camper & Nicholsons Go the Extra Mile at No Finish Line in Monaco

25th Nov 2013

From 16-24th November, the port Hercule in Monaco was alive with a sea of people walking and running for the duration of the 14th edition of the No Finish Line charity event. In 55th place of the overall company leader board, Camper & Nicholsons pulled it off and exceeded their target of an amazing 1,000 kilometres thanks to its enthusiastic team braving the cold.

Aimed to help disadvantaged children for health and education projects, every kilometre achieved translated into a 1€ donation where some companies, like Camper & Nicholsons, donated their own 1€ towards each kilometre their team completed. 

Participants were made up of individuals and sponsored companies alike where this year saw Camper & Nicholsons brave the cold and join in on the action coming first out of all yacht brokerages. Going beyond their target, an impressive 1,009km (765.5 laps) were accomplished on the 1,370m track with its team made up of 51 from Camper & Nicholsons, Rodriguez and crew from managed yachts.

Stefano Matteucci from Rodriguez came a superb first in the Camper & Nicholsons team with an incredible 84.878km (64.5 laps) achieved and Stefan Voisin from Camper & Nicholsons Accounting coming in second place, having clocked up 73,43km (55,5 laps). Charter Marketing Division’s, Nicolas Fry reached an equally impressive third place with his 53.318km (40.5 laps).

This year's overall total of 300,000€ was raised thanks to an incredible participation of over 9,000 people at the No Finish Line event running since 2004. Camper & Nicholsons will raise the bar next year and look forward to pushing further boundaries.

by Camper Nicholsons

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Going beyond target, an impressive 1,009km (765.5 laps) were accomplished by team Camper & Nicholsons