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Camper & Nicholsons is proud to partner with The Superyacht Life Foundation.

3rd Sep 2018

Behind every superyacht lies a story. The Superyacht Life Foundation is on a mission to share these stories, offering a fresh take on the positive people, places and projects that surround the superyachting good life with a special focus on inspirational individuals who are striving to improve the oceans and environment around us.

The Foundation’s mission is to disseminate an exciting, positive message for superyachting to be widely perceived as a wholesome, family-oriented lifestyle that provides successful individuals with exceptional experiences and the freedom to travel around the world in comfort and privacy.

Superyacht Life’s purpose is to encourage the philanthropic ventures and sustain projects that aim to improve the oceans and environment around us. With each turn we hear of clients wishing to give something back – our oceans are under threat and marine conservation is now of prime importance in our ever growing world if we are to hand on the wonders that we see on and under the sea to future generations.

As a brand-neutral campaign, Superyacht Life serves the entire industry, with companies and competitors across the spectrum banding together in one orchestrated campaign, allowing the industry to put its best foot forward.

The Superyacht Life Foundation is a non-profit organisation, funded by leading companies within the superyacht industry. The programme is supported and guided by a board of esteemed executives from across the industry, driven by their partners – and united in a mission to change the conversation about superyachting. 

Camper and Nicholsons is happy to announce that, in order to reinforce our partnership, Fabio Ermetto, Camper and Nicholsons Chief Commercial Officer, has recently been appointed to be the first Board Member represented from the brokerage community.

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