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18th Apr 2014

The C&NI charter fleet includes some of the worlds most outstanding yachts. As the summer season looms on the horizon and repeat bookings on the most popular yachts are already secured, we take a look at what it is that attracts clients to charter our fleet time and time again.

A charter yacht that stands out from the crowd and attracts repeat business is the dream yacht for any charter manager, but what is it that makes one yacht stand out from the next? From the captain and crew to the water toys and cuisine, there are many reasons as to why a client might prefer one yacht over the next, but a combination of the right crew, the right amenities and accommodations, and of course the build, usually combine to make a yacht popular with charter guests. 

US Director for Charter Marketing Dee Kraley visited the 36m (118') Savannah, one of the highly successful charter yachts on her books. Instantly greeted with a warm, inviting smile, the first impressions for Dee were an overwhelming feeling of comfort. This summer alone, Savannah already has six weeks of confirmed bookings from repeat clients, including one charter party who are on their ninth charter.  

Dee believes that the secret behind this success is the yacht itself and the crew. Captain Alvin is an easy going, relaxed personality who makes guests feel at ease. He explains, “Clients love the comfort that Savannah offers; they feel at home when on board. An example of how welcoming the Owner is to repeat clients is that he allows them to bring along their small canine family members – a pretty significant point when you consider that most yachts adhere to a strict 'no pet' policy."

Captain Alvin goes on to explain; “A large percentage of clients speak to me whilst still on board enquiring about rebooking." It goes without saying that these multi-repeat charter clients enjoy the familiarity of the yacht. "It becomes their home away from home.”

Charter Manager, Alex Garro manages an impressive selection of yachts for charter, including the 50m (163'8) JO. With years of experience in managing charter yachts, Alex recognises the importance of repeat charters. Alex believes that the most successful charter yachts are those with an outstanding crew, great amenities, sensible charter rates, attractive cruising destinations and great maintenance. But what really makes charterers keep coming back is the human factor.  Captain Bruce Handyside and Ian Robertson have been on board JO for nine years and Alex believes such continuity of crew appeals to many clients. "For some people being welcomed back by the same friendly face is the most appealing aspect of a charter. Repeat charterers tend to cruise with their families, including children and if the rest of the members of the family and most importantly the children have the time of their lives and they really enjoy the company of the crew, they will most certainly come back. These kind of clients have very few chances to spend quality time with their family and if the formula works, why not keep doing it."

Indeed, a charter should be a memorable experience and for the right reasons only. Captain Ian Seward onboard the 36m (118'2) Metsuyan IV agrees: "We have a client who will be back for his fifth charter in August. He is the kind of client who likes what he knows and with Metsuyan IV he knows what he’s getting. He loves her because he feels comfortable and the crew make him feel part of the family."

The enquiry stage for any charter is of vital importance. The first conversation sets the tone for the entire charter experience and the best charter brokers know how to create a seemless charter. From the initial yacht suggestions to advice on the best cruising areas, to the detailed itineraries, choosing the right yacht and the right crew for the charter party is a skill and determines whether a client will become a repeat client. Time is taken to explore each client's every need down to even the finest detail. Camper & Nicholsons charter brokers have a wealth of knowledge about all of the yachts available to charter and do their utmost to ensure that the right yacht is selected for the clients needs.

For more information about all our exceptional charter yachts or to discuss your requirements, please contact your nearest charter broker.

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A combination of the right crew, the right amenities and accommodations, and of course the build, usually combine to make a yacht popular with charter guests.