Charter News February 2016

For Charter: Jopaju

Cruising on board the fabulous Jopaju is a luxury in itself. Chartering in the undiscovered waters of Cuba is a privilege. Combine these two together, and you will be guaranteed the trip of a lifetime.

25 February 2016

For Charter: Twizzle

There are sailing superyachts that are built to cross oceans and those that are designed to win races. And then there is Twizzle, the world-roaming family cruiser that can also hold her own on a racecourse.

22 February 2016

An all-new venue to tie the knot

Your wedding day – probably the biggest day of your life. Your honeymoon – probably the most memorable holiday of your life. That’s why there is no better way to tie the knot than on board a luxurious superyacht.

18 February 2016

For Charter: Casino Royale

Ever wanted to step into the shoes of James Bond? Drive the cars, play with the gadgets, cruise the yachts? Well, now is your chance. The 33m (107’11) Casino Royale was featured in the 2006 James Bond film, hence her name.

18 February 2016

Sail Day On Board Lamima

At the end of January, Lamima organised a sail day along the coast of Phuket. Targeting a school from the fishing harbour of Ko Sire, children from less fortunate families from Myanmar were given a once in a lifetime experience. 30 chi...

2 February 2016

A Trip to Norway

In September 2015, Ola Hiis Bergh of Superyacht Norway invited three charter managers including Céline Laffin from Camper & Nicholsons to visit the fjords of Norway on a four-day trip. Often felt like a journey into the unknown in comparis...

1 February 2016

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