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Crew in the Spotlight: Chief Stew Sarah Foulis

2nd Jun 2015

This June Camper & Nicholsons interviewed Sarah Foulis, chief stewardess on board 46m charter yacht MY Vantage.

Could you tell us a little about your background: what were you doing prior to yachting and how did you end up working in the yachting industry?

I started my yachting after completing my degree at university back in 2001. I found myself in a crew house in Florida and being amazed by these massive yachts, which I had never come across. Back then they were a lot smaller but still impressive to the everyday person. I began day working and managed to find my first position within a few months, onboard M/Y Liquidity (now M/Y One More Toy). We spent my first season cruising up through Mobile, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Quite a sight seeing a yacht coming up a small river!

When did you first become a Chief Stewardess and onboard which yacht?

I climbed up the ladder fast onboard M/Y Liquidity, due to my background as a head waitress and my silver service experience. By mid 2002 I took over the Chief Stewardess position for our cruise from Florida to Alaska, and the Alaskan summer season.

What do you like most about working in yachting / being a Chief Stewardess?

It sounds strange but difficult guests are my favourite. They give me the challenge of surprising them, which is always hard to do with people who have the world at their fingertips, but working out what makes them happy and getting them to see the effort is very rewarding for me.

What do you think is the secret to a successful charter/guest trip?

Hard work, strong work ethic, and a good team!

What do you like about being in the Camper & Nicholsons fleet?

We love the challenge onboard to compete for the awards. The Vantage crew won two prizes last year in Monaco: Galactic Galley for our fabulous Chef and the deck crew brought home an award for Blazing Stars.

What is the best thing you ever learnt from another crew member?

It's hard to name one thing; everyone has little ideas and tips. Everyone’s experiences are different so with a good team there is a wealth of knowledge. I had a great captain who I worked with for 4 years, Owen Jones; he and the Purser installed some great systems and codes of conduct that I hope we replicate onboard Vantage today.

What is your favourite tool / piece of equipment or resource onboard?

The crew…all of us together can achieve so much, we could probably move a mountain if someone wanted it moved!

What advice would you give a new crew member joining the industry?

Be prepared to put everything aside and commit to the program. It's hard work, long hours and it's about the guests not you, but with the right team the rewards can be endless.

by Camper Nicholsons

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In 2001 I found myself in a crew house in Florida and being amazed by these massive yachts, which I had never come across.