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Discover Indonesia with the fascinating Dr Lawrence Blair

3rd Nov 2016

Camper & Nicholsons is delighted to announce a new partnership between the fascinating Dr Lawrence Blair and the beautiful sailing yacht, Lamima.

Lawrence Blair knows Indonesia like the back of his hand. Bringing with him endless exciting adventures to tell and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Lamima guests now have the opportunity to enjoy their exclusive excursions accompanied by Blair himself. 

Born in the United Kingdom, Lawrence Blair has been a resident of Bali for 35 years. Having witnessed and documented over three decades of Indonesia's history and evolution, Blair is an anthropologist, author, explorer and filmmaker. 

In 1972, Lawrence and his brother, Lorne, set out to make a five-part documentary film in Indonesia. Internationally praised and critically acclaimed, Ring of Fire awakened the world to Indonesia's existence. 

The brothers spent 10 years wandering the archipelago without any form of navigation, guides, radios or compasses. During their mission to discover Indonesia, they encountered the Asmat tribesmen of Papua, dukan healers in Bali, and the elusive 'Dream Wanders' of Borneo. They came face to face with the deadly Moluccan Blue-Ringed octupus, climbed erupting volcanoes, were washed away in monsoon flash-floods and survived near drowning, starvation and illness. 

Now highly sought after as a speaker on board both cruise ships and private expeditionary vessels to the remotest parts of Indonesia, Lawrence is now available as an optional cruise coordinator on Lamima for part or all of the charter duration at no extra cost. 

For more information, please contact your charter broker. 

by Camper Nicholsons

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