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Dive deep into the Idyllic Seychelles with Princess K

24th Mar 2014

If after uninhabited islands, pristine beaches and sheltered anchorages, then look no further than a charter through the mesmerisingly turquoise waters of the Seychelles on board the sophisticated super yacht, Princess K.

An ideal alternative cruising destination between April and October, the Indian Ocean offers one of many ocean idylls to be explored, to include the exotic Seychelles. A cluster of 115 idyllic islands lying just south of the equator, its archipelago is made up of ancient granite and irresistible coral atolls waiting to be explored.

Perfect aquamarine lagoons, amazing wildlife and powdery white sands barely touches on what these remote and mysterious tropical lands have to offer while chartering the 40m (131') Princess K in these pristine waters. Teaming luxury with ultra-spacious design, she caters for every guests' ultimate need where endless days of water sports, romantic sundown dinners on board or on a secluded beach provide for the ultimate escape to an unparalleled paradise on earth.

Bold colours, secluded coves and outstanding cuisine make the Seychelles a dream destination, home to its very own unique ecology and where time stands still. The weather is perfect with temperatures ranging from 24 degrees Celsius (75 F) to 32 degrees Celsius (89 F) all year round, with most days averaging an agreeable 27 Celsius (80 F). Since the Seychelles are tropical islands located near the equator, they have a tendency to have brief rainfall all year round. Relative humidity is always close to 80%, but the tropical breezes help reduce discomfort and stickiness. 

The spring months of March and April and the winter months of November and December are the best to be in the Seychelles for snorkelling, diving and underwater exploration with the clearest waters and best diving conditions arising in the months of April and October when the trade winds reverse course and the waters become the calmest and clearest.

For more information about chartering in the Seychelles on board the beautiful Princess K, along with suggested cruising itineraries, please contact Camper & Nicholsons International.


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