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Great prizes to be won in the C&NI annual Crew Stars Awards!

13th May 2015

The Mediterranean season of the C&NI Crew Stars Awards was officially launched at the Genoa Charter Yacht Show, and we’re happy to announce that all yachts and crew competing are in the running for some fantastic prizes.

Up for grabs so far are two 500 euro travel vouchers from yacht travel specialists Global Marine Travel, as well as some great space-saving heavy dumbbells from our sponsor Gym Company. Whether you’re dreaming of a holiday at the end of the season or wanting to keep shape throughout the summer, our sponsors have you covered. More prizes will be announced in the coming weeks, so it’s definitely time to get signed up to participate in this great competition. 

Of course, it’s not just prizes that you and your yacht stand to win. The Crew Stars Awards program gives your yacht and crew an opportunity to gain industry wide recognition for the quality and standard of their work, as well as giving everyone an extra incentive to work as a team. Crew who win awards naturally go to the top of the CV pile when jobseeking, while charter yachts also stand to gain from increased marketing and publicity opportunities.

The 2015 award categories are as follows:

All Stars: Best Overall Crew

This is the award that every yacht wants to win: to be known in the industry as having the best crew in the worldwide C&NI fleet.

Rising Star: Best industry newcomer or junior crew member

A brilliant start to your yachting career, this is an award that looks great on your resume and will stand you in excellent stead for the future.

Guiding Star: Best mentor and leader

Yachts with great leaders onboard run more smoothly with lower crew turnover, higher crew performance and greater guest satisfaction. If you are lucky enough to have a great mentor running your yacht or department, then say thanks by formally recognising their hard work.

Please note that the C&NI Crew Awards are now open to all charter and managed yachts across the Camper & Nicholsons global fleet.

Nominees in each category will be decided by public vote in September and the final winners will be selected by a panel of representatives from our Yacht Management, Charter Management and Crew Division along with our Crew Coach.

As with previous years crew are welcome to post photos of all the great things they do for their guests throughout the year in our dedicated C&NI Crew Stars Facebook group, which everyone is welcome to join HERE.  However, it’s certainly not compulsory for participating yachts to take photos or submit them online during the busy season if this is not possible for you. Please liaise with your yacht manager to find out how you and your crew can still be in the running to win great prizes and industry accolades.

For more information on how to compete in these highly respected industry awards, click here.

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Whether you’re dreaming of a holiday at the end of the season or wanting to keep shape throughout the summer, our sponsors have you covered.

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