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16th Oct 2013

As an end comes to the busy Mediterranean season that included two of the most important shows on the yachting calendar, Camper & Nicholsons bring you an overview of the latest statistics from the industry.

The third quarter of 2013 has seen over 100 yachts sold with an approximate asking price value of in excess USD 660 million. 64% of this significant value belongs to yachts listed with the top 10 brokerage houses and is approximately USD 395 million when compared with the same period last year. It is also worth noting that the third quarter of the year is 25% up on the first quarter of 2013 in terms of the number of yachts sold. This increase represents the number of yachts sold during the second quarter but in terms of the asking price, it represents slightly less.

September marked a key month for the industry with the 2013 editions of the Festival de Plaisance de la Cannes and Monaco Yacht Show. Some of the largest motor yachts sold included a 72m (236’) by Dunya Yachts, a 44m (144’) by Benetti and 42m (138’) CRN build. A couple of sailing yachts under 30m (98’) also sold, continuing to add to the demand in this sector.

When analysing the difference between actual statistics versus market trends, 63% of yachts sold during the month of September were built before 2004 while 27% were built since 2007. The market on the other hand shows that 48% of yachts on the market are aged 10 years and older, while 35% were built since 2007. These figures present a slight decrease when compared to the C&NI 2013 (Super)Yachting Index statistics that showed that approximately 50% of yachts for sale in 2012 were aged 10 years and over.

New yachts to enter the market include a 50m (164’) Camper & Nicholson yacht, originally built in 1910 and refitted in 2006, a 1998 built 45m (148’) Trinity yacht, a 45m (148’) Admiral build and a 2009 built 37m (121’) Sunseeker. The top 10 brokerage companies signed yachts with a value in excess of USD 1 billion in the third quarter. It is worth also noting that this figure is not a true reflection of the market given that several of these yachts could have previously been on the market with one of the smaller brokerage houses and as such cannot be considered as truly new to the market.

Should you need further, more precise information on any of the above figures, or more details on the list of yachts we currently have for sale, please do not hesitate to contact your Camper & Nicholsons broker.


by Camper Nicholsons

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The third quarter of 2013 has seen over 100 yachts sold with an approximate asking price value of in excess USD 660 million.