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20th Feb 2014

As the only brokerage house with a dedicated intelligence and research team, Camper & Nicholsons International shares the most up to date market intelligence since January, highlighting trends in yacht sales and exciting new yachts added to the market.

The first months of 2014 showed a promising start to the year for yacht sales. In January a grand total of 46 yachts were reported as sold, out of which 41 were motor yachts and the remainder five sailing yachts. It is nevertheless possible that a number of these yacht sales were completed during the last few days of December and were therefore included in the overall total for January.

With only a limited number of yachts to focus on, it will be interesting to analyse what the trend will be over the forthcoming months. The statistics we have access to reveal that the sale of motor yachts, 10 years old or more, represented 39%. Motor yachts up to three years old made up 15%, whereas 24% were four to six years old and 22% were six to 10 years old.

A couple of the most prominent sales this month included the C&NI sale of the impressive 62.5m (203'4) Icon announced by Jean-Marie Récamier, as well as the sale of a 38m(124'8) new build project by Perini Navi C2130 announced by Gaston Lees-Buckley. Another few included a 45m (148’) motor yacht by premier designers and builders of luxury, high performance super yachts, Palmer Johnson. Yacht builder Sanlorenzo saw one of their 38m (125’) yachts sell, while British luxury builder Sunseeker saw six of their yachts sold. Italian builder Ferretti saw four of their yachts sell, and French builder of made-to-measure yachts, Couach, announced three.

When comparing the asking price in US Dollars with Euros for motor yachts sold in January, there was a slight variation. In the 24-30m sector, the average asking price was USD$2.7 million, whereas in Euros it was €3.3 million. Mid-size yachts of 30-40m showed the same slight difference with USD$7.6 million compared to €6.7 million.

Looking at the general market, there have been some impressive new yachts making their debut. Renowned German builder Lürssen released an outstanding 63m (207’) super yacht combining excellent ocean-going qualities and ice capabilities. There was also a 55m (181’) by elite US builders Trinity, a 50m (164’) by custom builders Delta Marine, along with a few others built by equally renowned world-class builders, Arno Leopard, Azimut and Benetti.

Overall, the year has started out with an air of optimism given the recent sales and quality of enquiries. However the challenging times are far from over, and in the next few months as we lead up to the various yacht shows, it will be interesting to see what the market will expose.

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by Camper Nicholsons

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The first months in 2014 showed a promising start to the year for yacht sales