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New “Ultimate Productivity” online training course now available for C&NI Captains

19th Sep 2014

This four part online training course is presented by in-house Crew Coach Alison Rentoul and provides practical tips and insights about time management, how to overcome procrastination and be more productive, plus how to delegate effectively and efficiently.

The all new ‘Ultimate Productivity’ online training program is part of the annual executive leadership coaching package valued at over €7000, that is provided free of charge to all C&NI Captains. In addition to this the Captains of our managed and charter yachts also receive unlimited free access to the Crew Coach hotline to answer any queries they might have about people management or leadership situations.

Time management is a challenge for many people especially when the yachting season reaches its peak, and this training is designed by a yachting industry insider so it contains proven tools and techniques that really work in a yachting context.

Part I delves into The Truth About Time – complete a personal time audit, gain an understanding of the real meaning of time management and learn how to say no to work overload in a way that makes people appreciate you more.

Part II talks about Procrastination and the reasons why this happens, with powerful methods to break the habit of procrastination once and for all.

Part III takes you through the 7 Steps to being more Productive so you can get more done in less time. Alison shares proven methods that work specifically in the yachting context that will help you streamline tasks, prioritise, improve focus and get better results with a lot less stress.

Part IV is all about Delegation – how to develop this important skill so you not only get more done but also encourage greater learning, responsibility and learning in your team members, which also leads to greater loyalty and motivation.

Becoming more productive helps Captains and crew achieve a happier and healthier work / life balance and can even re-ignite their career passion.

For more information about our Crew Coach and in-house leadership training please click here.

by Camper Nicholsons

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