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New security training requirements for crew

3rd Apr 2014

New training requirements were introduced on the 1st of January, 2014, as part of the revised STCW code observing the Manila amendments and all crew need to be aware of their responsibilities in relation to obtaining the required certification.

All crew working on a yacht operating under the ISPS code need to have this certification and it is the responsibility of the individual to obtain it. In short, this has now become a basic employment requirement similar to the STCW and without it you will limit your employment opportunities in the industry.

Who needs what?

There are three levels of training in relation to this:

1. Security Related Familiarisation. The first level of security familiarisation applies to all persons engaged in any professional capacity on board. This training will be given by the Ship Security Officer when a person joins a yacht, and will most likely be included in the ISM familiarisation training (note, this training is not compulsory for owners and guests). Documentary evidence to show it has been completed should be available for review on board the vessel.

2. Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness Training. This is required by all seafarers in any capacity without designated security duties, in other words all crew working on yachts operating under the ISPS code

3. Certificate of Proficient in Designated Security Duties. This is required by all seafarers who have designated security duties. These crew will be specified in the ship’s security plan which may include anti-piracy and anti-armed robbery measures.

Both Certificates of Proficiency are only required to be done once in the seafarer’s career; however the familiarisation training will need to be completed every time you join a new yacht.

In order to be issued with either of the two certificates, the applicant must meet the standards set out in Section A-VI/6, paragraph 1 to 4 or Section A-VI/6 paragraphs 6 to 8 of the STCW code.

Where and how to do the course?

The Security Awareness Training is between a half and one day course, while the Designated Security Duties can be covered in a one to two day course, depending on the training provider. There are three options for obtaining the relevant certificates:

1. Attend a specific certification course at an MCA approved training centre:  In some cases Security Awareness has been incorporated into the STCW Basis Training aiding for those new to the industry, so do check this when applying to do the training.

2. Online: It is possible to complete an on-line course, however once completed there is a requirement to send off the relevant documents to be verified before your Certificate of Proficiency will be issued.

3. On-board:  Yachts can arrange for an approved trainer to come on-board and train all crew together at one time and issue the certifications.   

For further information about ISM and ISPS requirements or management please contact our Yacht Management Division.

by Camper Nicholsons

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As part of the revised STCW code observing the Manila amendments, all crew need to be aware of their responsibilities