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Now or never? How long should you hold out for your dream job?

12th May 2015

After surviving your first job hunting season, you get the privilege of coming back the following year with a different outlook on things. A little less desperate, a little less confused, a little more savvy.

Your first season is behind you and now that you have experience you're finding the crew agents treat you in a slightly different way. What you learnt at our crew talk in your first season is true: once you have experience you suddenly find agencies have a lot more jobs to run by you! By this stage you've had a taste of what you like and what you don’t and you know what is most important to you this time around. You might feel you've earned the right to be a little bit picky, unlike your first season when everyone advised you to take what you could get.

As the years pass and your yachting career develops, the ability to be more selective about your job choices becomes even more evident. Your list of demands becomes longer and your ideal job definition becomes more and more precise. Maybe you have decided that this is the season for you to hold out and move up… to Captain or to Chief Stewardess. Maybe you feel like after putting in several seasons working many nautical miles from your partner, you deserve to hold out for a job together. Maybe it is simply about breaking out of what feels like a rut. You have spent a couple of years in a similar role, similar size, and those jobs are falling in your lap, but you would like to push for something different.

All of this is valid, and in any career, there comes a time when you must evaluate where you are going and commit to making the next step. We are here to advise and to support you in your search. But as June lurks just around the corner, it might be time to start considering opening things up a bit. The worry is that suddenly, by holding out for a dream job, you end up with no job at all. Now there is not necessarily anything wrong with that. Experienced crew often manage to spend successful seasons temping and freelancing while waiting for exactly what they are after. But not everyone is happy to do that. Not everyone can afford to do that. There comes a time when perhaps it is better to bring down the barriers and look into something a little less ideal.

It might mean another Med based, seasonal job away from your boyfriend or taking on another Chief Mate job instead of scrambling for that first drive. Maybe another year on a larger yacht in a senior role is not such a bad way of further preparing you for that step up to Chief Stewardess. It is just something to think about. Jobs are still coming through but we want to make sure you see the big picture, after all this industry is unlike any other, and the sacrifices are often as difficult as the rewards are rich. As May ticks by, the summer season is already getting shorter. Maybe it’s time to get back to work.

If you have questions or concerns about when to open up your search, don’t hesitate to contact Debbie, Sarah, and Carly at our Crew Placement Division in Antibes, they are always happy to help.

by Sarah Laty, C&NI Crew Division

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The risk is that suddenly, by holding out for your dream job, you end up with no job at all.

Sarah Laty, C&NI Crew Division