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Spain opens up to international charters

19th Sep 2014

Non EU flagged vessels can now apply to operate charters within the Balearic Islands in Spain which is good news for international charter yachts.

The Spanish Government has announced that non EU flagged charter vessels will now be able to operate in the Balearics subject to certain terms, the most important of which is “the lack of availability of similar craft flying a European flag”. Foreign vessels wanting to operate in and around the popular Spanish holiday destination of the Balearic Islands will need to file the relevant documentation with the authorities. This may include information regarding the yacht’s certifications, insurance, and tax in addition to the ‘no similar EU yacht available’ provision.

Currently EU flag yachts need only provide a responsible declaration to operate in the Balearic Islands and the new ruling will open the way for more international yachts to charter to these sunny shores.  The ruling applies to yachts that exceed 14m and if successful will result in a permit valid for one year, once the relevant fees and charges have been paid. It remains to be seen how the applications will be evaluated and if any technicalities will arise, but it is hoped that there will be a level of flexibility.  The news is welcomed as it will provide more charter availability in this hugely popular European summer destination.  

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by Camper Nicholsons

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