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The Camper & Nicholsons Online Leadership Resource Library is now Live

7th Mar 2014

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our Captains and the crew who contribute so much to our clients’ yachting enjoyment, we are delighted to announce the first of our online leadership courses is now available.

Access to this extensive resource is offered with our compliments to all Captains of our charter and managed yachts. As many of our Captains were unable to attend the live training days we offered in 2013 due to timing or location, it was decided the best way to offer this to our entire fleets was to bring it online where it can be accessed 24/7, wherever our Captains are.

Our Crew Coach Alison Rentoul works extensively with the most senior and respected Captains in our industry and the addition of this leadership training resource, along with the online support and unlimited hotline gives the Captains of our yachts a Platinum level annual VIP leadership coaching program, valued at more than €10,000, with our compliments.

The first of four courses: “Core Leadership” is now available, along with a private and confidential online ‘live support’ package enabling Captains to liaise directly with Alison to troubleshoot any crew related questions in writing, as an additional support to the leadership Hotline. This is particularly helpful in situations where it is either impractical or impossible to have a private telephone conversation.

Featuring the latest approaches in leadership and people management strategies, and carefully tailored to the realities of a yachting environment, the Core Leadership course focuses on motivation and people management, with essential techniques to create harmonious, loyal and hard working teams. This includes identifying and working with different personality types, stress management, effective listening, questioning and influencing techniques, plus how to establish clear authority and command genuine respect so your crew happily and willingly want to do what you want them to do.

Over the coming months we will be adding to this incredibly valuable online leadership resource with three more courses: “Designing Dream Teams”; Everything you ever need to know about hiring and building an unbeatable team:

“Getting to Yes”; Conflict resolution and negotiating techniques: and “Ultimate Productivity”; Tried and tested techniques to get more done in less time.

To obtain access to your leadership training email:

Here’s what some of our Captains have said about the leadership training provided by our Crew Coach so far:

"As a Captain two of the key components to our job is risk and people management. We are trained extensively to deal with the first as part of the mandatory career path set out by the MCA, USCG, etc, however training in the latter component is virtually non-existent within the industry. Its importance cannot be underestimated and these are the first steps toward building successful teams that give and get the most out of yachting. This has been an inspirational and motivating day. Thanks to Alison and the team at C&NI for looking to the future of yachting!" - Captain Ryan Green

"A very useful and informative day. These workshops should be compulsory. Well done C&NI in taking the initiative, I look forward to implementing the points in the way I run my crew and yacht." - Captain Ian Seward

"It's opened my mind to different methods of self assessment and that of crew. Well taught, great content. Inspiring! Valuable and a good move for the industry." - Captain Jason Pliatsikas

"It is a very good opportunity to sit down and 'sharpen the saw' to learn and develop skills and abilities that will render our life on board easier. Well presented and easy to follow." - Captain Roberto Beretta

"Excellent. I have been waiting for a training course like this to be introduced in the yachting industry. All heads of department should not miss this. The perfect tools to help get the best out of your crew and understand people." - Captain Danielle de Vere

by Camper Nicholsons


Online leadership courses are now available with the compliments of C&NI