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To Caribbean or not to Caribbean

29th Sep 2014

September has passed, two yacht shows down. For those of you who are working, hopefully the season is drawing to a close and you are able to get a bit of rest and catch up with the world. Many of you are undoubtedly in that lovely limbo period between seasons, trying to transition and figure out if it’s late in the season or still too early, wondering where to base yourself for this short hiring period.

October is a tricky time. Many boats are still finishing up with guests and depending on the weather, could continue to cruise until the end of the month. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, affectionately known as FLIBS, kicks off on the 30th of this month, so that is usually a good way to gauge when the majority of boats will head over to the other side. By the time the Antigua show hits in early December, it is safe to say that all the boats who are doing a double season will have made the move.

If you are hoping for a winter season in the sun, you might be considering flying over to Fort Lauderdale to look for work. Keep in mind that legally you are required to hold a B1B2 visa before entering US waters. This includes parts of the Caribbean. Even if you manage to land a crossing, the same is true. If you are on a yacht working without a visa when the boat arrives, you could technically be deported. The same applies if you are caught dayworking without a visa. For more information or advice about the B1B2 and the rules about getting one, just give us a call.

And though I know that many of you have your heart set on a Caribbean itinerary, please don’t forget that there are many other yachts who need help over the winter, even if they are not gearing up for a busy charter season. Winter is a common time for boats to enter shipyard periods and take care of warranty work, and this can be some great experience for your CV. Many others are based here in the Med for the cooler months, and though they might not have guests on board, they still need a smaller, solid team to keep the crew fed and the boat in good condition.

If you are still fairly new to the industry, no experience is bad experience! Check in with us to update your CV and let us know your availability and whereabouts. We always want to know what your dream job is, but we encourage you to keep your options open. The winter season will be upon us before you know it. Make sure you are one of the busy ones!

by Camper Nicholsons

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